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13 Apr 24

April 13, let's celebrate World Gastronomy Day together

🍽️ On April 13, let's celebrate World Gastronomy Day together! 🌍 And what better way to celebrate this occasion than to discover the culinary delights of the Marina de Sagone beach? 🏖️

Our restaurants are full of taste treasures that will take you on a journey through the flavors of the Mediterranean. From fresh seafood to traditional Corsican dishes and the most daring gastronomic creations, there is something for all tastes and desires.

Come to us and let yourself be guided by our culinary advice for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Whether you are a lover of fine cuisine or an explorer of flavors, you will find what you are looking for among our gourmet addresses.

Reserve your table now and prepare to experience a day of delights and culinary discoveries at the Marina de Sagone beach. 🍹🍤 #WorldGastronomyDay #SagonePlage #CulinaryDélices #GourmetTips

En avril on se baigne en Corse

En avril on se baigne en Corse

07 Apr 24

In April, dive into the heart of Corsica

First swims in Southern Corsica, early April. Book with us!

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16 Mar 24

Madunnuccia this March 18 in Ajaccio

In Ajaccio, Madunnuccia is a major event of the year. It is an opportunity for residents to celebrate Our Lady of Mercy, who was proclaimed patron saint of the city in 1656, on the wishes of the Magnificent Elders, the municipal councilors of the time.

While the city was under the administration of the Republic of Genoa, the Ajaccians invoked the protection of Our Lady of Mercy to protect themselves from the plague epidemic which was then ravaging several regions of Italy. Their prayers were answered, because the plague never reached Ajaccio.

In recognition, a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy was erected in Ajaccio Cathedral.

Since then, Madunnuccia has been celebrated with fervor every March 18 by the Ajaccians, around rituals perpetuated for centuries. The two days of celebrations are preceded by a novena beginning on March 9. This period is marked by a series of prayers, litanies and devotions in honor of the saint.

This year, a charity concert will take place at Notre-Dame de l'Assomption Cathedral on Saturday March 16 at 8:30 p.m., initiated by the deputy mayor, Christophe Mondoloni. On this occasion, groups of Corsican singers and musicians will perform with the aim of raising funds for the renovation of certain parts of the building.

This cultural initiative follows that proposed by Rose-Marie Ottavy-Sarrola, second prioress of the Brotherhood of the Ladies of Mercy and deputy mayor, and Paul Mancini, saxophonist and municipal councilor responsible for municipal music.

The latter organized a first charity concert on February 2, the proceeds of which entirely financed the new chestnut wood base of the Madunnuccia. Ajaccians will have the opportunity to discover it during these festivities.



03 Mar 24

🌸 Celebrate Grandmother's Day at Casa Nova Maison d'Hôtes in Corsica! 🌿

🌸 Celebrate Grandmother's Day at Casa Nova Maison d'Hôtes in Corsica! 🌿

Build unforgettable memories in a setting conducive to the creation of special relationships. At Casa Nova Maison d'Hôtes, we welcome you for a memorable stay in Corsica.

Book now at www.casanova-corse.com and give your grandmother a getaway she will never forget. #GrandmothersDay #CasaNovaCorsica #CreateMemories



24 Feb 24

🌟 Explore Corsica as a family with Casa Nova Guest House! 🌴


🌟 Explore Corsica as a family with Casa Nova Guest House! 🌴

Are you looking for the perfect getaway for your teenagers and children? Book now at Casa Nova Guest House. Our family-run guest house offers a warm welcome for up to 15 people.

Enjoy our large secure swimming pool on site and the beach just 400 meters away.

Discover a multitude of exciting activities: boat trips, paddle, horseback riding, swimming in waterfalls, canyoning and hiking. We offer you plenty of adventures for unforgettable family memories.

Book now at www.casanova-corse.com or contact us by phone to reserve your stay today! 🌊🌞 #CasaNovaCorsica #FamilyHolidays #ExploreLaCorsica

16 Feb 24

Muna, ghost village

Lovers of unique discoveries and authentic adventures, this message is for you!

🏞️ Interested in exploring mysterious places? Imagine strolling through the narrow streets of an abandoned village, a silent witness to Corsican history: welcome to Muna, a hidden treasure less than an hour from Sagone, in southern Corsica.

🏚️ Let yourself be transported to a forgotten world : Muna, once vibrant with life, today resonates with whispers of the past. Its crumbling stone houses and overgrown streets provide a fascinating backdrop for intrepid explorers.

💡 But that's not all! : Nestled just an hour's drive from Muna, our guest house welcomes you, offering a haven of peace among the remains. Book your stay with us now and let yourself be enchanted by the captivating atmosphere of Muna.

🌅Discover the soul of Corsica: Soak up the history, culture and natural beauty of Southern Corsica by staying at Muna. From breathtaking landscapes to centuries-old traditions, every moment has a new surprise.

🔍 Ready for an unforgettable experience? Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover Muna and its hidden treasures. Book your getaway with us today and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Corsica.

📞 Contact us now to book your unforgettable stay in Muna!

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L'hiver a Casa Nova Maison d'hôtes en Corse

L'hiver a Casa Nova Maison d'hôtes en Corse

17 Feb 24

Come warm up this winter at Casa Nova Guest House.

We make a fire in the fireplace and share tales, stories and epics by the fire. Imagine yourself cozy by the fireplace, listening to captivating stories and diving into epic adventures.

Book your stay at Casa Nova Maison d'hôtes now and immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of our evenings by the fire.

11 Feb 24

Who reversed Corsica?

As old maps show, Sagone and Vico are names that resonate over the centuries. These are destinations that mattered to the Romans as early as the 16th century. The paleo-Christian Basilica of Sagone and the Saint-François de Vico Monastery bear the imprint of this glorious era.

The paleo-Christian Basilica of Sagone is a living testimony to the ancient history of the region. Its stone walls invite contemplation. Likewise, the Monastery of Saint Francis of Vico offers a refuge of calm and tranquility in the heart of a picturesque landscape, where rural architecture reveals the harmony between man and nature.

By staying in our guest house, you have the unique chance to discover these two treasures of Corsican heritage. Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of these places steeped in history and spirituality, let yourself be captivated by the timeless charm of country architecture.

Whether you are a history buff, an architecture enthusiast or a simple traveler in search of authenticity, Sagone and Vico promise you an unforgettable experience. Book your stay in our guest house now and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and cultural richness of Corsica. Come explore the hidden treasures of Sagone and Vico, and let yourself be transported on a journey through time and space.



08 Feb 24

Enjoy the beach this winter in Corsica at Casa Nova! In our guest house, with your feet fanned out, dare to wear a swimsuit.

When the days get shorter and the cold sets in, many people dream of escaping to sunny horizons. But why wait until summer to enjoy the pleasures of the beach and the sun? In Corsica, at Casa Nova, we offer you a unique experience: the magic of the beach in the middle of winter. Yes, you read correctly ! Imagine yourself, the waves gently caressing the shore, the sun illuminating the azure blue sky, and you, your feet in the sand, with only the worry of choosing which swimsuit to wear. Welcome to Casa Nova, your winter oasis.

Casa Nova is much more than just a guest house. It is a refuge where time seems suspended, where every moment is an invitation to relaxation and serenity. Nestled in the heart of magnificent Corsica, our guest house offers you an idyllic setting for an unforgettable getaway. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet or adventure and discovery, Casa Nova will meet all your expectations.

Imagine yourself sipping a cocktailon our terrace, contemplating the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine yourself letting yourself be lulled by the gentle murmur of the waves, your eyes fixed on the sea. Imagine yourself waking up every morning in an elegant and comfortable room, ready to savor a new day of pleasures and discoveries. At Casa Nova, every moment is an invitation to happiness.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Book your stay at Casa Nova now and treat yourself to an enchanted break in the heart of winter. Whether for a romantic romantic weekend, a family vacation or a getaway with friends, our guest house will seduce you with its authentic charm and warm atmosphere. Don't wait any longer, paradise awaits you at Casa Nova. Book now and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Corsica.



04 Feb 24

The Casa Nova Guest House: A place where art comes to life!

✨🎨 At Casa Nova, our commitment to art goes beyond hospitality. We are delighted to announce that our guest house is also a space dedicated to art and exhibitions, on our modest scale.

Each stay at Casa Nova is an immersion in an atmosphere where artistic talent meets warm welcome. We believe in the power of art to inspire and connect souls, and that is why we have dedicated a specific space to showcase promising talents.

📅 Stay tuned to our news to find out the dates of our next exhibitions!🖼️✨

Whether you are passionate about art or simply curious to discover new horizons, Casa Nova invites you to live a unique experience, where hospitality and creativity meet.



09 Dec 23

Corsica in Autumn colors

🍂🍁 Immerse yourself in the symphony of autumn colors from our garden, with a breathtaking view of the sea in Corsica! 🏡🌊

🍃 Our oasis welcomes you to the heart of the blushing leaf season, where the warm shades of autumn mingle with the splendor of the Mediterranean. An intoxicating visual spectacle that transforms our garden into a living painting. 🎨🍂

🌅 Wake up every morning to a palette of vibrant colors: blazing oranges, deep reds and shimmering golds dancing harmoniously under the azure sky. An unforgettable sensory experience to the rhythm of Corsican nature. 🌈🌿

✨ Book now to experience this unique autumn immersion, where the beauty of Corsica is revealed in enchanting hues. 🍃🌟 #CouleursDAutomne #GardenWithView #CorsicaEnAutomne



03 Dec 23

December 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities

🌟 Join us at Casa Nova Maison d'hôtes for an inclusive and engaged experience.
🛌 Discover our PMR adapted room with access ramp, large open bathroom and equipment designed for your comfort.
🤝 On this day dedicated to people with disabilities, we are proud to contribute to an accessible and warm welcome.
📆 Book now and be part of our commitment to providing a welcoming stay for all.

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01 Dec 23

Gourmet getaway in Sagone: Food Truck Idili

  1. 🌟 Discover the unique experience at CASA NOVA Guesthouse, a stone's throw from the Idili food truck.

  2. 🏡 Stay with us and immerse yourself in a warm atmosphere, while exploring Eloise's world cuisine.

  3. 🌮 Let yourself be tempted by the delights prepared by Eloise, inspired by her travels to the four corners of the globe.

  4. 📆 Book now for a gourmet and well-being getaway with us, with the Idili Food Truck at your fingertips.

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27 Nov 23

À la suite des Black Friday, découvrez maintenant les offres exceptionnelles du Travel Tuesday chez Casa Nova ! Profitez de nos promotions irrésistibles. 🌟

🌟 🌟 Plongez dans le charme de la Corse avec notre offre spéciale pour le Travel Tuesday ! 🏡✨
💡Vous rêvez de vacances ensoleillées dans une maison d'hôtes pittoresque en Corse ? C'est le moment idéal pour réserver et vivre une expérience inoubliable !🛎️
Profitez de l'atmosphère chaleureuse, des vues imprenables et du service exceptionnel dans notre maison d'hôtes. Réservez dès maintenant et donnez vie à vos escapades insulaires ! 🌴📆 
Réservez dès aujourd'hui pour bénéficier de notre offre spéciale Travel Tuesday. Vos vacances de rêve en Corse commencent ici. 🌺🔐 #TravelTuesday #RéservezVotreSéjour

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23 Oct 23

Road Trip in Corsica / instructions

🚗 Explore Corsica from its Main Cities: A Driving Adventure 🏞️

🌟 Discover Corsica in an authentic way by opting for car rental. The treasures of the Isle of Beauty are open to you, with captivating itineraries starting from the emblematic towns of Ajaccio, Bastia and Calvi.

🚗 Renting a car at Napoléon Bonaparte Airport offers privileged access to three of the most enchanting routes on the island. Each route promises unique discoveries, authentic villages with incomparable panoramas.

🌅 Imagine yourself traveling the west coast, crossing the Calanques of Piana to the Gulf of Porto. Or explore the Gulf of Valinco, with breathtaking views and an unmissable break in Sartène, the most Corsican of towns. The desire to delve into the essence of Corsica becomes irresistible.

🗺️ Embark on the Corsican adventure. Rent your car and follow the winding roads to places steeped in history and beauty.From the majestic Taravo River region to the waterfalls of the Vizzavona pass, every kilometer is a promise of wonder.

🌄 Visiting Corsica by car is much more than a trip, it's an immersion. From picturesque villages to majestic landscapes, every turn reveals a new treasure. Ready to take the wheel towards the unexpected?

#ExploreCorsica #AdventureByCar #TreasuresOfBeautyIsland

17 Nov 23

🌈 Revive the Smiles: A Gourmet Interlude at the Crêperie de Sagone Plage 🏖️🥞

🌟 Bring your children's laughter back to life at the Sagone Plage creperie, an experience that goes well beyond a simple meal.

🍽️ Eat on the beach, surrounded by the beauty of Sagone, with a bowl of refreshing cider in hand. While your kids have fun building sandcastles, dig into a variety of sweet or savory crepes, from indulgent ice creams to savory paninis.

🏖️ Imagine yourself sitting on the warm sand, enjoying delicious pancakes, while your children let their creativity run wild. The desire to create magical family memories becomes irresistible.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Take your family on this gourmet adventure. Order the crepes that make your eyes shine, savor every bite, and let joy spread like sand between your fingers.

🍦 At the Sagone Plage creperie, deliciousness unites generations. Exquisite pancakes, breathtaking views, and children's laughter create a perfect symphony. Treat yourself to this gourmet break where simplicity becomes a celebration. #SagonePlageGourmande #CrêpesEnBordDeSea #FamilyHappiness

15 Nov 23

Who is Air Corsica

✈️ Immerse yourself in the Air Corsica Universe: The Public Service Experience in Action 🏝️

🌟 Welcome to the world of Air Corsica, where public service is at the heart of its mission. As the first air carrier of the magnificent island of beauty, the story begins in 1989, initiated by the Corsican Assembly to guarantee the island control of its air transport.

✈️ Air Corsica is not just an airline; it's a story of public service. 12 lines connect Corsica airports to Marseille, Nice, and Paris-Orly.

🌍 Feel the desire to explore with Corsica. Air Corsica, a Limited Company of Mixed Economy, is the result of continuous evolution since its first flights in 1990. Let yourself be seduced by a company that has become essential in the Corsican economic landscape.

🚀 Embark on the story of Air Corica. Air Corsica has a fleet of 12 aircraft, 660 dedicated employees, and a network extending to 16 airports.Reserve your seat, become one of the two million passengers who visit Corsica every year

🏆 Air Corsica is much more than an airline. It is a link between Corsica and the world, a historic partnership with Air France, and above all, a strong Corsican identity. Competitive prices and quality service, with Corsican authenticity in mind. Ready to embark on an adventure where public service takes off? #AirCorsica #PublicServiceInAction #UniqueCorsicaIdentity

14 Nov 23

With me in the Calanques de Piana

🏞️ Explore Wonder: An Invitation to the Calanques of Piana 🌊⛰️

🌟 Welcome to a world of natural beauty, where the Calanques de Piana stand like a masterpiece sculpted by nature itself. Let me take you on a captivating journey through these breathtaking rock formations.

⛵ The Calanques de Piana, nestled on the west coast of Corsica, are a breathtaking spectacle. From red granite cliffs plunging into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, every corner of this site is a natural work of art. Come discover this visual symphony.

🚤 Imagine yourself sailing on the turquoise waters, exploring the secret corners of these majestic coves. The desire to delve into the geological history of this unique place and let yourself be enveloped by its magic becomes obvious.

👣 Join me for an unforgettable adventure. Whether by boat, hiking or simply gazing from the coast, the Calanques de Piana offer an exceptional sensory experience.Together, let's explore each cove, each rocky silhouette that defies time.

🌅 Come with me to the Calanques de Piana, where nature becomes a living work of art. Let yourself be immersed in the splendor of Corsica, where the elements meet to create an extraordinary landscape. Adventure awaits you, ready to discover this natural treasure? #CalanquesDePiana #ExplorationCorsica #NatureSublime

13 Nov 23

Come to Corsica by air

🌟 Want a getaway to Corsica? Ajaccio awaits you just 1h35 from Paris by air, with connections from many European airports!

Whether you take off from Paris or other major European cities, discover Corsica in the blink of an eye. Ajaccio, with its direct flights, becomes the ideal gateway to this enchanting island. 🛫✨

Book our guest house, just 35 minutes from Ajaccio airport. Imagine, upon landing, diving into an authentic experience in the heart of Corsica. 🏡🌅

Plan early, watch for promotions, and compare prices for an unforgettable experience at a variety of prices. Your Corsican adventure begins as soon as you take off! 🚗🌄 #RéservezChezNous #AventureCorse #AjaccioÀPortéeDeMain"

#CorsicaByAir #EasyExploration #MediterraneanAdventure


08 Nov 23

U Trenu Corsu

"The Train in Corsica: A Journey between Tradition and Modernity 🚂🌄"


Much more than a simple means of transport, the train in Corsica weaves links between tradition and modernity, offering a unique experience to tourists and locals.


🌿 Preserve Corsica Beauty:

The train, winding through mountains and coastlines, allows travelers to contemplate the unspoilt splendor of Corsica. An ecological alternative that respects the exceptional nature of the island.


🏞️ The Authenticity of Landscapes:

From breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea to mountainous panoramas, the train offers a living canvas revealing the diversity of Corsican landscapes. An unrivaled visual experience that amazes visitors and locals alike.


🚆 Temporal Travel:

The train in Corsica, a historical heritage, transports its passengers back in time. Between picturesque stations and majestic viaducts, each journey becomes a journey through the history of the island.


🎫 Accessibility and Comfort:

For residents, the train is much more than just a means of transportation. This is the assurance of easier mobility, with modern trains ensuring comfort and accessibility for all.


🌺 At the Tourism Department:

For visitors, the train offers a unique perspective. It allows you to discover Corsica at the leisurely pace of the rails, encouraging meetings with the local population and the discovery of places off the beaten track.


🛤️ A Dynamic Tourist Economy:

The train helps to boost the local economy by serving sometimes remote areas. Travelers can explore lesser-known regions, supporting small businesses and local initiatives.


🤝 A Social Link:

The train in Corsica is much more than a means of travel, it is a social link. Meetings between passengers, cultural exchanges, and shared stories make the train a space for connection between locals and visitors.


🚂 The Train in Corsica, Much More than a Journey: An Adventure where the Past and the Present intersect.

#TrainEnCorsica #AuthenticTravel #Touristtrain

#Train #E #nCorse ##VoyageAuthentique ##trainTouristique
07 Nov 23

Let's walk through the charming streets of Cargèse,

Let's walk through the charming streets of Cargèse, where every corner reveals the history and beauty of this Corsican pearl. 🏰🌺 #Cargèse #BaladeCorse #HistoireEtCharme

Discover Cargèse, a Mediterranean jewel in Corsica! Nestled between sea and mountains, this village reveals a unique charm with its cobbled streets lined with houses with red roofs. Between the Latin church and the Greek church, Cargèse offers an astonishing, unique cultural mix. The nearby beaches, bathed by crystal clear waters, invite you to relax, while the hiking trails reveal breathtaking panoramas. Local markets and small cafes offer an authentic immersion in Corsican daily life. Cargèse is an adventure through history, generous nature, and the warm welcome of the inhabitants. A visit not to be missed to immerse yourself in the captivating soul of Corsica. 🌅🏞️ #Cargèse #Pearl

04 Nov 23

Gourmet Discovery at Sagone Plage: Welcome to Santana 🍽️

🌅 Gourmet Discovery at Sagone Plage: Welcome to Santana 🍽️


Nestled in the heart of the splendid Bay of Sagone in Corsica, the Santana restaurant promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience, combining local flavors and breathtaking views of the sea.


🏝️ Idyllic atmosphere 🏝️


As soon as you sit at your table, with your feet in the sand and the sound of the waves in the background, the Santana offers you an idyllic setting to enjoy delicious dishes.


🍤 Corsican Cuisine Reinvented 🍷


Santana stands out for its authentic Corsican cuisine, enhanced by a contemporary touch. The dishes are a symphony of local flavors, highlighting fresh, quality products. The plate becomes a work of art where Mediterranean influences and the chef's know-how combine.


🌿 Local Products in the Spotlight 🌿


Santana's pride lies in using local products.From fish caught daily to aromatic herbs picked in the surrounding hills, each mouthful tells the story of the Corsican terroir.


🍹 Selected Wine List 🍹


Accompany your meal with a selection of Corsican and French wines, carefully chosen to complement each dish. Let yourself be advised by the attentive staff, passionate about the perfect combination of food and drinks.


👨‍🍳 Passionate Chef, Attentive Service 👩‍🍳


Chef Jean-Louis Cinotti, driven by an undeniable passion for cooking, does everything possible to offer an exceptional culinary experience. The warm and attentive staff add a human touch to each meal, creating a memorable experience.


🌅 Magical Sunset 🌅


The magic works even more intensely at sunset.Imagine enjoying one last exquisite bite while admiring the sun melting into the Mediterranean horizon. A breathtaking spectacle that completes this unique gastronomic experience.


✨ Santana at Sagone Plage is much more than a restaurant: it is an invitation to a taste adventure, a sensory journey to the heart of Corsica. ✨

#SantanaSagone #CorsicanGastronomy #ImpregnableView #CulinaryPleasure

01 Nov 23

I Santi

🌺 All Saints' Day in Corsica: Celebration of Memory and Traditions 🌺

On this solemn day of All Saints' Day, Corsica is adorned with melancholy and contemplation to honor the memory of its deceased. It is a day steeped in traditions deeply rooted in Corsican history and culture.

🕊️ The island of Beauty, land of memory 🕊️

Corsica, an island with a strong character, is transformed into a sea of chrysanthemums and lights to pay tribute to loved ones who have left us. Cemeteries are adorned with colorful flowers, and families come together to perpetuate the memory of their ancestors.

🌿 The tradition of chrysanthemums 🌿

The chrysanthemum, the emblematic flower of All Saints' Day, is carefully placed on the graves, creating a carpet of vibrant colors which contrasts with the sobriety of the place. Each flower seems to be the reflection of a memory, an emotion, a story.

⛪ Churches, guardians of the Corsican soul ⛪

Corsica, deeply imbued with spirituality, sees its churches welcoming the faithful in an atmosphere marked by prayer and meditation. The special All Saints' Day masses remind us of the importance of faith and communion in Corsican society.

🕯️Glimmer of hope in the darkness 🕯️

The lit candles bear witness to the hope that persists even in the darkness of loss. The flickering flames symbolize the eternal memory of the deceased and the continuity of their presence in our lives.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family reunion and sharing 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

All Saints' Day in Corsica is also an opportunity for family gatherings. Meals are prepared with care, and families gather around tables laden with traditional dishes to share moments of conviviality and love.

On this special day, Corsica celebrates life through the memory of those who are no longer among us. All Saints' Day is the legacy of a rich history, the perpetuation of deeply rooted traditions and the testimony of the eternal love that the island has for its departed. 🌹💫


14 Sep 23

Shopping idea: our homemade products

Homemade jam, flavored salt or herbal tea. Return to your luggage. with products made from plants and fruits from our garden.

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09 Sep 23

Aperitif time at the Casa Nova guest house

Enjoy our cocktails by the pool, facing the sea and don't hesitate to try our alcohol-free versions. We offer traditional cocktails and their local version.

Aperol Spritz

Capo Spritz (25 cl) : 2 cl of sugar syrup, 4 cl of Cap Corse, 8 cl prosecco

Cap Corse tonic (25 cl): 4 cl Cap Corse Mattei, Tonic

Soleil de Corse (25 cl): 5 cl of Cap Corse, 2.5 cl of citron liqueur , ginber tonic



#chambres #corse #location #grande #maison #famille #vue #mer
24 May 23

We are kids, the Bastia brand that seduced Rihanna

By: Julie Quilici-Orlandi

Published on: May 24, 2023 at 07:10

In: Economy

For many years, she nurtured the project to create her own brand. A need to build an identity in the world of fashion, which became obvious when she became a mother. But Nathalie Ferrarini first shut up her desires, absorbed in everyday life, until the day when this lawyer by training started. Her second pregnancy was the trigger and over the months, after pages and pages of notebook crossed out, sketches lying freehand, We are kids was born.





04 May 23

You can also rent your vehicle at Casa Nova Guesthouse

We offer small car rental (Avéo, Chevrolet) at Sagone Plage. Ideal for your short trips on the island. It is not very young and has 120,000 km but it is well maintained and affordable. We go exclusively through Ouicar.

More information on:




10 Apr 23

Le lundi de Pâques

Le Lundi de Pâques : la Merendella, pique-nique à l'extérieur

Pour fêter la fin des festivités de Pâques, rien de mieux qu'un pique-nique collectif en plein air. Sur la plage, dans le maquis, en montagne, ou même sur la terrasse, les Corses célèbrent l'arrivée du printemps. Ce jour-là, les enfants partent à la recherche des œufs en chocolat dans le jardin. Les chanceux !

#corse #du #sud, #hôtes, #hôtel, #sabine, #Cargèse, #Piana, #Tiuccia, #Merandella


09 Apr 23

Easter in Corsica (part 5): Sunday


In opposition to the sadness of Saturday, the day of Sunday is that of joy for the faithful and the celebration of the resurrection. It is therefore this Sunday which is the most important day in this Easter week as evidenced by the return of the bells which ring again after being silent since Thursday evening. This return of the bells is symbolized today by the famous Easter egg hunt.
It is also the end of Lent and its privations for Catholics.
Traditionally in Corsica, this Easter Sunday is accompanied by traditional dishes such as lamb but also many cakes, the most famous of which is the cacavellu.

To taste

As often in Corsica, religious festivals are associated with dishes or elements of island cuisine. For Easter, the cake is called the Cacavelli (or Campanile).This round pastry (a crown), plain, with anise, orange blossom or lemon, is adorned with at least one hard-boiled egg. It marked the end of the period of Lent. She now accompanies the famous Merendella for coffee! In the far south, Sciacci are eaten.

Corsican cuisine at Easter is also marked by the traditional milk-fed lamb, often served during the Sunday Easter meal.




07 Apr 23

Easter in Corsica (part 3): Good Friday


Good Friday is the strongest day of this Easter week. It retraces the Way of the Cross of the martyred Christ. The most famous procession in Corsica then takes place in Sartène.

The Catenacciu is undoubtedly one of the most publicized events on the island. The small town of Sartène then experienced a moment of incomparable fervor, shared by the entire population of the island who met to commune around the red penitent carrying the heavy cross and the chain (hence its name) for several hours in the streets of ""the most Corsican of Corsican towns"".
This moment of rare emotion is also a very impressive "spectacle" to discover if you are lucky enough to be in Corsica during these Easter holidays. Be sure to respect the sacredness of this moment for the participants.

Other equally strong processions are taking place in Corsica this Friday, such as the Incatenatu of Bisinchi.

#semaine #sainte, #corse, #Sartène, #Sagone, #pâques, #voyage #en #corse, #location


06 Apr 23

Easter in Corsica (part 2): Maundy Thursday


On Maundy Thursday many processions take place in different villages all over Corsica. It commemorates the last supper of Christ. In Bonifacio, it is the beginning of the processions of the brotherhoods of the city. On this Holy Thursday it is that of the small hunts which takes place with 4 brotherhoods while Friday will be marked by the procession of the big hunts and all the brotherhoods. A very strong and spectacular moment to discover in the city of cliffs according to the principle of circular procession from the church of Sainte Marie Majeure.

#Pâques, #corse, #hôtes, #hôtel, #chambre


02 Apr 23

Easter in Corsica (part 1): Sunday, crucettes

Sunday, Palm Sunday will mark the beginning of Holy Week.

Corsican singularity still very popular among the faithful, the crucettes in palms. They are blessed before mass and then placed in homes or cars as a lucky charm. A tradition that requires preparation.
But the essential crucettes are still made in churches. At Patrimonio, catechism students are put to work and conscientiously learn design techniques.

Often, the Palms are made with boxwood or olive tree. But in Corsica, by tradition, flippers are used. ""At first you don't really understand, but afterwards, as soon as you know how to do it, it's easy. Me, I think it's important to be there, because if there's no one who teaches us knowledge, it's going to be lost,"" said a young boy.
Today, crucette creation isn't just a hands-on workshop. The confreres of Patrimonio are there to teach the children of the village the meaning of Palm Sunday.
The beginning of the Passion of Christ. "" To symbolize the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, around the palms, around the olive tree. We will present this on the day of mass to have them blessed, to protect the Christian all year round , ""says André Dominici, colleague from San Martinu.

Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week. A major moment of the religious year in Corsica. And a tradition that is not ready to disappear, since apparently, the succession is assured.


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30 Jan 23

But where did Department 20 go?

When you go through the list of French departments everything makes sense: Ain starts the list (alphabetical sorting), and is assigned the INSEE code 01, Aisne follows with code 02, Allier with code 03, etc. . Then crash, past the 19 of Corrèze no trace of the 20 , but instead we see the 2A of Corse-du-Sud appear, then the 2B of Haute Corse , then the list continues with the 21 of department of the Côte-d'Or. But where did the 20 go? As you will have understood, this is the Corsican exception, it has turned into 2A and 2B. But why ?

The idea of a specific numerical code for French territorial entities emerged as early as 1935. In 1941, the National Statistics Service produced an official geographical code bringing together the codes and descriptions of municipalities, cantons, arrondissements, departments, foreign regions, countries and territories. But there is a notable exception to these rules: the 2 Corsican departments have a letter in their INSEE identifier. Until 1975, Corsicawas a department in its own right, the INSEE number 20 was assigned to it. On January 1, 1976, the Isle of Beauty was split into 2 departments . In order not to shift all the numbers, our thinking heads decide to delete the 20 and to assign the 2A and 2B to the newly created departments.



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22 Dec 22

The whole team of our guest house wishes you a Merry Christmas

Even if Christmas was celebrated in Corsica long before the arrival of Santa Claus, the famous song, sung by all French children on Christmas Eve, was originally performed by the famous Corsican singer, Tino Rossi. Even though this song has become a tradition, it is not the only one.

Long before Christianity, the winter solstice evoked the rebirth of light and later the nativity of Christ. Corsica, like many other regions, was already celebrating this period.
On Christmas Eve, we fasted, we ate only after midnight mass, and above all we gathered as a family around the Christmas meal on the 25th at noon. The gifts that were given were fruits or plants that symbolize life, such as orange, holly and strawberry tree. You could decorate your house with a branch of strawberry tree (symbol of happiness and nativity) on which you hung apples in reference to the Bible. The young people of the village gathered in small groups and went to visit 7 families in the village: it is the custom of the 7 vigils.Each time they brought a log of wood to heat the hearth and share the pastries prepared by the mother of the family.

At the Rocchiu! Le Rocchiu is the Corsican name for the Christmas stake, lit in front of the village church. It was prepared by the children of the village and set on fire after midnight mass. On December 25, after the fire had completely disappeared, the still hot ashes were picked up by the villagers, who added them to the ashes of their own fireplaces to heat their homes.

According to legend, you had to put as many logs in the fireplace as there were guests. Otherwise, the following end of year celebrations would be bereaved by the missing number of logs.

As for nativity scenes, they did not arrive in churches until the 19th century and in homes in the 20th century.

The traditional Christmas meal in Corsica:

- starter: mullet eggs or scrambled eggs with sea urchins, but prisuttu and coppa are also very common starters.

- main course: roast lamb and polenta.

- dessert: ""Ceppu di Natale Castagniu"", that is to say: the Yule log with chestnut.

Bon Natale à tutti Merry Christmas to all.

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01 Nov 22

All Saints Day in Corsica

For All Saints, I suggest you visit the cemeteries of the island of beauty. The marine cemeteries of Bonifacio and Ajaccio are particularly famous, but they are not the only ones. At the heart of each village, at the foot of each church, you can visit some very beautiful ones. Originally they housed foreigners who died in Corsica, far from their homeland, while large families had private chapels. As if at the bottom of the garden stood the house of the living, and near the road, that of the dead. The imperial decree on burials of June 12 , 1804 which is at the origin of the creation of cemeteries will take time to impose itself in Corsica. Even today, families have magnificent vaults built in the alleys of cemeteries.

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17 Nov 22

Il est temps de sortir du bureau… et de se motiver au grand air. En Corse, le dépaysement est garanti sans pour autant partir trop loin puisque Air Corsica dessert Ajaccio en moins d'1h30 au départ de Paris.

La Maison d'hôtes Casa Nova, à Sagone, en lien avec les professionnels du tourisme corse, saura vous aider à organiser un séminaire de petite taille (8 à 12 chambres) :

Nous vous proposerons une offre sur-mesure avec nos partenaires locaux. Nous ferons tout pour vous simplifier l'organisation de votre événement professionnel et vous aider à maîtriser votre budget : hébergement, restauration, réunions, activités, soirées…

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24 Nov 22

La Corse en famille

La Corse est la destination familiale  par excellence où les enfants et ados apprennent à explorer les joies d'apprivoiser un terroir et une culture locale. Je vais vous parler de Sagone, Cargèse et Piana. Vous pourrez emmener vos enfants se baigner à la plage dans l'embouchure du Liamone, dans les piscines naturelles de Vico, s'aventurer sur des sentiers escarpés pour de très courts trecks ou chevaucher des poneys sur la plage, Mais également, arpenter de typiques villages comme Cargèse ou Vico.
Les activités sont multiples : initiation au surf (et oui, Sagone est une plage de surf), à la plongée, pratique de nombreux sports nautiques (paddle, voile pédalo..), baignade des chevaux sur la plage, treck, canyoning,  

Si vous recherchez une aventure inoubliable en famille, Sagone est la destination.

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